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The site was established in 2000 and is situated in Waldviertel (northern Lower Austria), the current stand being a Norway spruce monoculture. The bedrock is poor in nutrients and further nutrient loss from litter raking as well as anthropogenic furtherance of conifers has led to unstable monocultures and the disappearance of deciduous species. The main research questions center around reintroduction of deciduous species, soil amelioration and nutrient cycling.


Michael Englisch

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Natural Regeneration, site Amelioration, tree species effects on site

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The site is instrumented with climate stations as well as on-line soil water content measurements and soil temperature measurements. Further data include detailed chemical soil analyses, tracer experiment data, growth data and LAI measurements. In 2007 a large part of the stand was broken by wind (Cyrill). Currently measurements aim to quantify and qualify the effects of the windthrow to soils and rejuvenation. To date, the site has hosted 2 international and 3 national projects.

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