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HF vapor etch system is used to remove sacrificial silicon oxide layers, primarily to release silicon microstructures. Gaseous HF etchant penetrates smaller features easily and allows longer undercuts. The system allows the possibility of stiction-free etching and handles materials from sample sizes to 200mm.

Fully integrated and compact system
HF vapor etch to remove sacrificial silicon oxide layers
High selectivity and stable process windows
Large process window to optimize process for any structure
Selectivity with silicon nitride and silicon dioxide (<5% 1σ)
High selectivity to under layer and mechanical materials
High etch rates for undercut and blanket Si
Uniformity (<5% 1σ)
Repeatability (<5% 1σ)
No corrosion
No stiction
In-line controls: etch rate monitor, endpoint, and temperature


Dr. Salvatore Bagiante

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