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The FACSFusion is a high-speed analyser equipped with 4 lasers and 18 measuring parameters, 16 of them fluorescence channels.
Laser configuration: 355nm laser - 15mW, 405 nm laser - power 50 mW, 488 nm laser - power 100 mW, 640 nm laser - power 60 mW, 561 nm laser - power 50 mW


Dr. Andreas Spittler, Assoc. Prof.

Research Services

The Head of the Core Facility Flow Cytometry has more than 25 years of in-depth expertise in flow cytometry and provides expert advice in planning your experiments and performing high-end analyzes. For further details please contact: andreas.spittler@meduniwien.ac.at

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The Core Facility Flow Cytoemtry offers the analysis of single cell populations and functional tests based on fluorescent probes. The Core Facility also offers competent advice in the planning of your experiments.

Zuordnung zur Core Facility

Core Facility Flow Cytometry

Dr. Andreas Spittler, Assoc. Prof.
Core Facility Flow Cytometry
+43 (0) 140400 73540
Please contact Dr. Andreas Spittler: andreas.spittler@medunwiien.ac.at