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CPS/IoT Cloud Server is a general purpose large-scale computing platform for hosting cloud applications, high-performance computing and mass storage. A Cyber-Physical System research is highly dependant on the ability to analyse large amount of data and detect features that will reveal new aspects in research or help to improve a system or an application. Cloud servers are flexible computing platforms reachable through Internet and provide enormous performance and storage capabilities. This allows TU Wien and its cooperation partners to perform research experiments without limitations of commercial cloud platforms. The CPS/IoT Cloud Server will be implemented in two stages, first stage is a general purpose computing platform for diverse purposes, and the second stage is GPU cluster for high-performance computing designed for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research.


Haris Isakovic

Research Services

Hosting Cloud IoT Applications
High-performance computing
Mass Data Storage
Sustainability for cloud, fog and IoT applications
Quality of Service for cloud, fog and IoT applications

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The CPS/IoT Cloud Server is built in cooperation between three groups at TU Wien: Cyber-Physical Systems Group, Distributed Systems Group and Business Informatics Group. Cyber-Physical Systems Group lead by Prof. Radu Grosu is working IoT use cases with requirements for high computing performance. Distributed Systems Group lead by Prof. Sharam Dustar is working on the design and implementation of the cloud server, with focus on hardware setup and software infrastructure for a cloud server environment. Business Informatics Group lead by Prof. Gerti Kappel is working on advanced modeling and simulation techniques that provide ability to prototype large scale applications and ensure conformity to specifications.

The server infrastructure is in testing phase, and the use is currently limited to the project staff.
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