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Sample scanning Brillouin scattering confocal microscope with parallel fuorescence detection channel.

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Kareem Elsayad

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The VBCF Advanced Microscopy Facility provides access, training and technical support for researchers to an expanding inventory of cutting edge optical imaging techniques.

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Brillouin Scattering Confocal Microscopy:
- Allows for confocal scanning measurements of GHz-regime viscoelastic moduli.
- 532nm excitation laser
- Custom VIPA based spectrometer for high efficiency and finesse spectral measurements of Brillouin scattering signal
- Parallel fluorescence emission confocal (PMT) detection channel and high resolution spectrometer (Ocean Optics) with same excitation laser and through same pinhole to map pixel-per-pixel correlation of fluorescence intensity / Raman peaks and viscoelastic properties
- long distance (300 micron) 3-axis piezo for confocal scans of sample. Joystick controlled 3-axis motor (ASI) for larger area scans
- Occular for easy sample finding
- parallel widefield transmitted light or sequential DIC imaging
- Custom written user friendly software allowing for easy line, area or volume scans, and on the fly analysis (spectral fitting)

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Advanced Microscopy

Head of Advanced Microscopy
Kareem Elsayad
Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
+43 1 79730 7110
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