Cleanroom class 8

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL)

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Spatial research infrastructure

Short Description

Reinraum class 8 (EN ISO 14644-1)

Level of purity: not more than 29 300 particles, size ≥ 5,0 µm and 832 000 particles, size ≥ 1,0 µm per cubic meter
Air circulation: h-1: 9
Ventilation: h-1: 120
Temperature (+/- 1K): 22 °C
Humidity (+/-5%): rF%: 50 %

Contact Person

Dr. Werner Scherf

Research Services

Sensor element / material Analysis, micro-electro-mechanical- systems, acoustic MEMS, photonic MEMS, Heterogeneous Integration Technologies (HIT), 3D-Integration, Chip-Bonding

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Micro- Nanostructures, feasibility studies, tests, chipbonding, simulations

Allocation to Core Facility

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH