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Short Description

The laboratory unit "construction materials" is an overall system consisting of various components addressing the field research and analysis of building materials. Some components are designed for mobile usage, f.i. on construction sites, whereas others are used in the stationary lab.

The intended application includes both the comprehensive characterisation of different building material groups (such as wood, recovered wood, insulation materials based on synthetic, mineral and renewable resources as well as hybrid materials) and the analytical detection of related environmental pollutants and other harmful substances.

The following components are included:
- infrastructure organic special analyses (TD-GC/MS/FID/ECD - thermal desorption gas chromatography with various detection units), for determination of biocides, plasticizers and other contaminants;
- infrastructure elements and inorganic special analyses (ICP-OES, inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometry, portable X-ray-fluorescence device for use on construction sites, combustion calorimeter for digestion of materials before ion chromatographic analyses of halogen compounds) for determination of flame retardants, biocides and metallic contaminations;
- infrastructure automatic sample preparation (ASE - accelerated solvent extraction) - gentle digestion of material samples.

Besides, a number of spectroscopic methods such as IR - infrared spectroscopy, SEM-EDX - scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy are applied.

Contact Person

DI (FH) Christina Fürhapper

Research Services

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Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

chemical investigation of building materials
chemical analyses of recovered wood regarding relevant contaminants
emission testing of construction products
detection of wood preservative products in material samples
determination of flame retardants in insulating materials
analyses of biocides in materials and dust samples
detection of halogen compounds in various materials
characterization of solid fuels
environmental analyses of materials
characterization of dust samples
measurement of extractives in biological samples

Holzschutzmittel, Biozid, Reststoff, Umwelt, Abwaschung, Emission, VOC, Formaldehyd
DI (FH) Christina Fürhapper
Bioenergie und chemische Analytik
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Holztechnologie, Prozessführung, Umwelt, Chemie, Analytik, Reststoff, Biomasse
Dr. Martin Weigl
Bioenergie und chemische Analytik
+43 1 7982623 839
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OFI Österreichisches Institut für Chemie und Technik
IBO Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie
Bau-Cycle - Sustainable building material cycles by means of material analysis and pollutant separation
Christina Fürhapper, Martin Weigl, Hildegund Figl, Franz Dolezal, Gabriele Eder, Günther Jechnlinger
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