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Short Description

Romeo is a humanoid robot, 140cm tall, 45 kg, modelled after a ten year old person. It uses the same interfaces to control motions as Nao, hence is easy to control. It is equipped with stereo sensors and an RGBD camera to perceive its environment. At TU Wien we use it to study object recognition and the bi-manual manipulation of objects. We also study together with architects the integration of future robot systems into homes. We want to understand how we will interact with robots in future homes and environments. And we want to understand and develop methods for the fluent interaction of humans with machines. A key aspect is to develop methods to make the robot understand its environment to be able to interpret commands of human in high level language.

Contact Person

Markus Vincze

Research Services

Romeo can be used by other institutions given mutual agreement on cost, maintenance and support.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Robots move closer and closer to humans - at home as well as in industry. With romeo we will study the interaction between humans and robots in different settings and scenarios.

Markus Vincze
TU Wien
+431 58801 376611
See the website or call Markus Vincze.
Oliver Schürer, Archtektur
Herman Kaindl, ICT, Elektrotechnik