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Short Description

The IOL simulator permits the subjective assessment of intraocular lenses (IOLs) by test people without physical implantation into the eye of the test person. With the help of the IOL simulator different IOL types can be compared by the one and same person, which is not or hardly possible with implantation studies. The direct comparison by a single person strongly raises the statistical explanatory power of comparative IOL studies. Moreover, unsterile prototypes IOL and risky IOL concepts can be also tested at a reasonable price and without ethical doubts, as no real implantation has to be performed. The area of application of the IOL simulator is the development process of IOLs and research activities to answer basic questions related to the subjective visual feeling, neural image processing and neural adaptation.

The conditions for a comparative IOL-study with the IOL simulator are as follows:
The IOLs to be tested must be available sufficient time before the study start as we have to implement them in an "ocular model".
To obtain significant study results, a sufficient number of test persons is necessary. During the study, the test persons need a (light) pharmaceutical treatment to prevent the accommodation ability of the eye.

Contact Person

Dipl. Ing. Kirsten Lux

Research Services

We perform clinical studies
- for subjective comparison of different intraocular lenses
- for testing of individual vision impression with different intraocular lenses, especially during dawn and night
- for testing of subjective characterisation of the (de)focussing performance of intraocular lenses (near and far vision)

We also design studies for advanced questions that cannot be answered by computer simulations, calculations or optical measurement techniques.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Comparison and subjective assessment of introcular lenses (IOLs) by test people without (IOL-) implantation.
Visus- and contrast sensitivity tests
Recording of defocus curves
Subjective assessment of 3D visual impression (simultaneous spatial seeing) for different multifocal IOLs
Subjective tests of the depth of focus of different mono and multifocal intraocular lenses
Realisation of clinical studies for comparison of intraocular lenses
Tests to the subjective preference of different intraocular lenses with different visual situations
Device can be adapted for the characterisation of halos

Dipl. Ing. Kirsten Lux
+43 2622 22859 41

Dr. Wolfgang Brezna
+43 2622 22859 44
The condition for use are agreed on an individual basis. Please contact us.
W. Brezna, K. Lux, N. Dragostinoff, C. Krutzler, N. Plank, R. Tobisch, A. Boltz, G. Garhöfer, R. Told, K. Witkowska, L. Schmetterer, “Psychophysical Vision Simulation of Diffractive Bifocal and Trifocal Intraocular Lenses”, Tranl. Vis. Sci. Technol., Vol. 5, No.5, Article 13, Oct. 2016