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Short Description

Computer test laboratory: 8 test places (separated by panels), software for standardized assessment procedures (psychological tests, questionnaires), software for reaction-time-based tests and experiments, 2 Biofeedback Xpert (EDA, breath, pulse, motor skills), training Software, response panel, motor performance series

Portable test lab: 8 laptops, which can either be used in addition to the fixed workstations, or even mobile in other places (schools, companies, etc.) and on which the specification of computerized psychological tests and experiments is possible

Hormone Unit: Plate Reader, Plate Washer, Software, Plate Shakers, Pipettes, Autoclave, Freezer, Refrigerator, Trigger

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Tuulia Ortner

Research Services

Development and evaluation of psychological tests and questionnaires
Development of alternative and innovative acquisition methods such as computer-based assessment of personality through scenarios (objective personality tests) or adaptive testing
Studies on the influence of methodological and / or situational influences on test and questionnaires
Multimethodic investigation of (cognitive) performance and personality traits
Psychometric analysis
Expertise with regard to systematic behavioral observations and structured interview techniques
Preparation and execution of tests and interviews on the Internet and in the field (mobile test laboratory)
Expertise according to DIN 33430
Experience in the analysis of complex data structures
Analysis of hormones from blood and saliva

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The test and assessment laboratory unit enables data to be computed by computerized or paper-pencil form data from standardized or self-constructed or compiled tests, questionnaires and reaction-time-based procedures.
In the context of basic research, situational conditions and methodological aspects of test performance and reactions to assessment procedures are examined, taking personal characteristics and personality aspects into account.
With reference to practical fields of application, - performance and personality tests as well as questionnaires for the evaluation of states or changes are designed, constructed and tested on suitable samples from a psychometric point of view.
The hormone unit allows analysis of hormones from saliva (especially stress and sex hormones) or urine (e.g., monoamines) as correlates to psychological test results and observable behavior.

Prof. Dr. Tuulia Ortner
Fachbereich Psychologie
0043 662 8044 5181
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School of Education, University of Salzburg
University Koblenz, Landau
Institute for Psychology, University Halle-Wittenberg
Paracelsus Medical Private University, Salzburg
Konvergente und divergente Validität Objektiver Persönlichkeitstests: Konsistenz von Messergebnissen über Methoden und Situationen
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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

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