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LTER site Oberes Stubachtal is a long-range research site with a main focus on the measurement of the annual mass balance of the Stubacher Sonnblickkees (SSK) and processes of different glaciers, going along with water budget estimations within the catchment area of the dam lakes Weißsee and Tauernmoos, which are controlled by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and can give you more information about the catchment hydrology.

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Bernhard Zagel

Research Services

As a consortium of glaciers the Stubachtal yields important knowledge on regional glacier behaviour and alpine hydrology.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Regular observations and systematic studies had begun with measuring the glacial length in 1960 by the brothers Heinz and Werner Slupetzky. The Massbalance of SSK is measured since 1963 and calculated back till 1946. The Glaciers are photogrammetric mapped since 1963. Additionally, the temperature, waterlevel and runoff of lake “Unterer Eisbodensee”, which originated in the 1980s, are monitored by the Hydrographical Service of Salzburg since 2006. In the center of this research site is the meteorological station Rudolfshütte operated by the ZAMG since 1962. The Rudolfshütte is also a Mountain Hotel and can be use as a Basecamp. Since the year 2004 there are some TLS measurements for the generation of high resolution DTMs of the end of the glacier tongue and glacier forefield of the Odenwinkelkees and of the sourounding area of the lake “Oberer Eisbodensee”.

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University of Salzburg
Bernhard Zagel
Department of Geoinformatics

Heinz Slupetzky
Department of Geoinformatics
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