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In cooperation with the ACDH-CH of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Prehistoric Department of the NHM Vienna is developing the open source software OpenAtlas, which is used for data acquisition, processing and curating of research data from the archaeological and historical area. With THANADOS a frontend for the presentation and dissemination of data is also being developed.

The data model is based on the CIDOC CRM.
OpenAtlas -

Based on these software developments, the Prehistoric Department of NHM operates and curates an open data repository of early historical and medieval grave finds of Austria - THANADOS.

Contact Person

Dr. Stefan Eichert

Research Services

Cooperation for projects in the field of digital humanities.
Provision of open data
Linked Open Data

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Software development of archaeological information systems (Python3, Apache2, Flask, HTML4, JavaScript, CSS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS)
Data modelling
Data visualization

Allocation to Core Facility

Department of Prehistory, Natural History Museum Vienna

The software is available under open source licenses via Github and can be installed in your own infrastructure.
Most of the data is available under the CC-BY-4.0 license.
The respective license conditions must be considered when using the software/data and the sources should be cited according to the citation recommendation.
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage - ACDH-CH (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Stefan Eichert. 2020. Digital Mapping of Medieval Cemeteries: Case Studies from Austria and Czechia. J. Comput. Cult. Herit.
14, 1, Article 3 (November 2020), 15 pages.

Roland Filzwieser and Stefan Eichert. 2020. Towards an Online Database for Archaeological Landscapes. Using the Web Based, Open Source Software OpenAtlas for the Acquisition, Analysis and Dissemination of Archaeological and Historical Data on a Landscape Basis. Heritage 2020, 3(4), 1385-1401.