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Digital electron microscope with magnification range between 20 u. 100,000 times.
Components: electron source (tungsten filament), electron column (electromagnetic lens systems, deflection unit and various detector systems), a sample chamber, the vacuum system (fore-vacuum and turbomolecular pump), different output media (video printer, photo unit), and a sample preparation device (AGAR sputter coater) for formation of conductive layers.

How the detectors work:
1) Secondary electron (SE) detector: for topography contrasts
2) Backscatter electron (BSE) detector: atomic number dependent, for elemental contrasts
3) Energy dispersive X-ray detector (EDX): provides information on the elemental composition of solids based on characteristic X-ray radiation
4) Cathodoluminescence (CL) detector: here the emission of electromagnetic radiation is exploited, characterization of semiconductors as well as internal structures of minerals

Contact Person

Dr. Getrude Friedl

Research Services

Identification and qualitative chemical characterization of natural solids (minerals, rocks, dusts, soils)
imaging of microstructures of solids

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Structural and mineral chemical preliminary investigations of samples used for age dating
Microstructural imaging of rough surfaces of solids
Microchemical analysis of particulate samples (rock fragments, mineral fragments)
Micro- and nanopalaeontology (foraminifera, conodonts etc.)
Analysis of synthesis products (powder)
Examination of aerosols, clay minerals, soils, heavy minerals (environmental geology)
Nanotechnology (quality assurance)
Material analysis (product testing of building materials, metals)
materials research

Allocation to Core Facility

Argon age dating

Dr. Getrude Friedl
Fachbereich Geographie und Geologie
0043 662 8044 5450
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Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials, University of Salzburg
Company Siconnex (wafer technology)
Company Leube
Company Webersberger Quarzolith
Company Bosch
Geochemistry and isotopic studies of REE-bearing Sangan Fe-Skarn, NE Iran
OEAD: Impulse Austria-Iran

Graphitic carbon: Formation and destruction of graphitic material in fault zones: Implications for fault strength and the carbon cycle
FWF-Projekt: P 28313-N29

Polyhalite: a key for dating sedimentary und tectonic processes of evaporites
FWF-Projekt: P22728

Late-stage orogenic evolution: How to link surface motion with distinct deep lithospheric processes
FWF-Projekt: P22110

Exhumation of Metamorphic Core Complexes
FWF-Projekt: M-1343

Subducted Cuba: Accretion of island arc systems at the northern margin of the Carribbean subduction system
ÖAW (IGCP 546)

GEODE - Geodynamics und ore deposit evolution
European Science Foundation
(umgfangreiche Kooperationen mit schweizerischen und südosteuropäischen Ländern)

Dating of Detrital White Mica
FWF-Projekt: 10506
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