Multimodal Spinning Disk microscope: CSU-W1-SoRa - inverted

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Short Description

The Nikon CSU W1-01 SoRa+NIR spinning disk microscope is an advanced enhanced resolution imaging modality, and the future (!) platform of the 355 nm UV laser ablation system. It has a piezo drive for fast and precise imaging of 3D stacks, and will be equipped with an incubation chamber and a CO2/O2 mixer.

Contact Person

Gabriel Krens

Research Services

Laser lines 405, 488, 561, 640 nm
2 x sCMOS
Multi-modal imaging (WF/SD/SoRa )
Multiple position imaging
Equipped with incubation chamber and CO2/N2 mixer
Automated feedback micrscopy options

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Biological samples

Allocation to Core Facility

Imaging Facility

Terms of use will be defined in a scientific collaboration agreement.