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Delta Vision OMX (3d SIM), by Applied Precision (GE Healthcare)

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Kareem Elsayad

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The VBCF Advanced Microscopy Facility provides access, training and technical support for researchers to an expanding inventory of cutting edge optical imaging techniques.

3D Structured Illumination Microscope (3D SIM). This is a fluorescence microscopy technique capable of achieving down to 100-200 nanometers resolution*. The 'trick' used for achieving the increased spatial resolution is to modify the 3d spatial excitation field profile such that only select patterned regions of the sample are excited for each image acquisition cycle. Computational analysis of a set of consecutive images with distinct spatial illumination profiles are then used to calculate a 3d image with a better spatial resolution than can be achieved by conventional optical far-field imaging. Due to the fast sensitive cameras the microscope setup is also well suited for very fast conventional (widefield) fluorescence imaging. The microscope is equipped with 4 laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm).
* M. Gustafsson, et al., Biophys. Journ. 94:4957 (2008)

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

3D Structured Illumination Microscope (3D SIM): OMX v4 Blaze GE/Applied Precision.
- Double the resolution of conventional widefield microscopy
- 4 laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm)
- 2 sCMOS cameras (simultaneous imaging of 2 channels, consecutive imaging of 4 channels)
- Easy to use acquisition and analysis software (SoftworX) for image reconstruction, deconvolution and visualization
- Ultra Fast dual color wide-field fluorescence imaging possibile: up to 1000 frames per second.
- Environmental control (sample/objective heater, CO2) for live cell imaging
- Position calibration possible for parallel studies with GE Deltavision Microscopes

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Advanced Microscopy

Head of Advanced Microscopy
Kareem Elsayad
Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
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