SEC-ICP-MS (Waters UPLC H-Class Bio - PerkinElmer Nexion 2000)

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Short Description

The ICP-MS system is installed in a clean room (Class 10.000) and provides the accurate determination of elemental concentrations in the range of mg/L to sub-µg/L in liquid samples. Solid samples can be analyzed after the application of fit-fort-purpose digestion methods.

The on-line combination of the ICP-MS system with the included high efficient size exclusion chromatographic system (Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio) enables the investigation of metal/biomolecule interaction as well as the characterization of metalloproteins (metal/protein stoichiometry). Moreover, a variety of chromatographic separation techniques can be combined on-line with the ICP-MS system for elemental speciation analysis

Contact Person

Stephan Hann

Research Services

- Elemental (ultra)trace analysis in environmental, biological and food samples
- Determination of multi-element fingerprints in the context with food authenticity
- Determination of molar metal/protein ratio
- Elemental speciation analysis (Pt, S, Fe, Se, Cr, etc.)
Analysis of metal complexes with a special focus on iron (Fe-interaction with humic substances, Fe-interaction with phytosiderophores)

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

- Development and application of methods for elemental (ultra)trace analysis of various matrices
- Development and application of methods for elemental speciation analysis combining separation methods with elemental mass spectrometry on-line

Allocation to Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry

Stephan Hann
Institut für Analytische Chemie