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Core Facility (CF)

Kurzbeschreibung supports biomedical research and facilitates access to human and animal samples and collaborations. To this end, is networking the Austrian universities and biobanks and is building a national biobank research infrastructure. is the Austrian Node of BBMRI-ERIC, the European Biobanking Research Infrastructure, which is jointly operated by over 20 countries and one international organisation (WHO/IARC). [ funding: BMBFW 10.470/0010-V/3c/2018 (2018-2023)] Partner:
• Medical Univesity of Graz with Biobank Graz
• Medical Univesity of Vienna with MedUni Wien Biobank
• Medical Univesity of Innsbruck with Biobank Innsbruck
• Johannes Kepler University (Linz) with Biobank Linz (under development)
• Paracelsus Medizinische Universität (Salzburg)
• University of Vienna
• Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt

Ansprechperson (Cornelia Stumptner)

Research Services

• Access to human/animal samples and related data (diseased, healthy)
• Prospective collection/storage of biological (human, animal) samples and associated data
• Preparation and processing of biological samples
• Central contact point for sample/data/collaboration inquiries to all Austrian & >600 European biobanks (
• Online search portal 'BBMRI Biobank Directory' with biobanks and biobank collections (
• Contacts with clinical experts and researchers at the respective partners
• Support with ethical questions / applications
• Support (advice) for handling samples according to the latest standards (ISO, CEN)
• Templates for material transfer agreements and declarations of consent
• Quality management audits for partners
• BSL-3 laboratory with services such as virus isolation and sequencing,
• Analytical services via partners (e.g. Whole Genome & Whole Exome Sequencing, in situ transcriptomics, large scale immunohistochemistry)
• Digitization of sample sections (whole slide imaging)
• Artificial Intelligence / machine learning
• Trusted data environments, new data access models (e.g., federated machine learning)
• Further education in the field of biobanking (courses and master's in biobanking) (

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

Quality management (QM) & analytical technologies: e.g.
- Development and implementation of ISO & CEN pre-analytics standards;
- Regulatory requirements for IVDs;
- BSL-3 facility build-up/operation;
- Whole genome & exome sequencing (NGS)
- Spatial transcriptomics; etc.

Sample & Data management:
- Building and running biobanks;
- Building and running high-capacity digitalization process & facility for tissue slides;
- Trusted data environment for biobanks and new data access model;
- Catalog/Biobank Editor development; etc.

Stakeholder & user engagement:
- Interviews/discussion groups with stakeholders (on value of biobanking, data-citizenship);
- Public engagement (e.g. biobank tours, children courses);
- Online portal for donors; etc. (Cornelia Stumptner) Coordination
Contact: (Cornelia Stumptner)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
European Committee for Standardization