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1 Zeiss Apotome microscope with Semi-automatic image processing facility (Color/Black/white) with Colibri illumination system + 2 Zeiss epifluorescence microscopes equiped with image analysis + 1 Zeiss inverted epifluorescence microscope


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ruben Sommaruga

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single-cell analysis, image analysis, abundance/biomass/activity of prokaryotes

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ruben Sommaruga
Institut für Ökologie
0043 - 512 - 507 -51710
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-VIRALP: Virus-host relationships in an alpine lake assessed by metagenomics. Austrian Science Fund, FWF M2299-B32, PI: Christopher Bellas, Co-PI R. Sommaruga, 2019.

-Back to the origin: Consequences of glacier retreat for the structure and function of alpine lakes (BACK-ALP). Austrian Science Fund, FWF P24442, PI: Sommaruga, 2017.

-Heterotrophic freshwater bacterial groups and the biogeochemical cycle of phosphorus in mountain lakes. Austrian Science Fund, FWF P24098, PI: M. Pérez, Co-PI: Sommaruga, 2016.