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Nuns and Monks - Prosopographical Interfaces is the product of a project funded by the go!digital Next Generation programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. It enables you to browse and search through various aspects in the life of early modern nuns and monks from Austria and the surrounding areas.

The available data comes from several newly edited sources and new interpretation of pre-existing databases. To read more about the used sources, please visit the data page. To learn more about the underlying data model, please visit the data model page.


Daniel Jeller

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Available data:

Unpublished sources:

Dominicans Imbach
Chronik Dominikanerinnen Imbach 1659
Salesian Sisters Vienna
Archiv der Salesianerinnen Wien, Hs. 11 (Personalstand)
Archiv der Salesianerinnen Wien, Hs. 4 (Novitiatsbuch)
Archiv der Salesianerinnen Wien, Hs. 5 (Taufbuch)
Gaming Charterhouse
Professbuch Gaming 1604–1734
Necrologies of the Baroque brotherhood of St. Joseph
StiA Göttweig, Hs. J/III/14, Nr. 168
StiA Göttweig, Hs. J/III/15, Nr. 56
StiA Göttweig, Hs. J/III/5, Nr. 27
StiA Göttweig, Hs. J/III/6, Nr. 30
StiA Rein, Hs. 313, unpaginiert

Interpreted sources: