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The Utimate nano RSLC HPLC system is probably the best chromatography system on the market. This system is versatile and easily convertible, it runs very stable with exceptionally good reproducibility. It can be used for nano, micro and conventional HPLC experiments, and ist very good suitable for analysis of large sample amounts since it can hold up to three 384 well-plates. The system can be operated very easy and the software control is intuitive and complete.


Goran Mitulović

Research Services

Protein and peptide separation with mass spectrometric detection. Database search, protein quantitation.

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The Proteomics Core facility at the Medical University of Vienna employs different methods for sample preparation and analysis. While general protein extraction and enzymatic digestion methods are used according to default protocols, the separation of analytes is performed by applying dedicated methods developed in the Facility.

Different chromatographic systems and approaches are used depending on sample type and questions asked. Proteins, peptides and small molecules are being separated using ion-exchange, reversed phase, immuno-affinity, hydrophilic and hydrophobic chromatography. All these methods are being performed using columns of different dimensions, starting with 50 µm inner diameter and 5 cm length to column with 2 cm inner-diameter and 25 cm length. This flexibility enables the analysis of small and large sample amounts.

Generally, all separation approaches can be coupled to a mass spectrometer for signal detection and analysis.

Zuordnung zur Core Facility

Core Facility Proteomics

Head of the Proteomics Core Facility
Goran Mitulović
Klinisches Institut für Labormedizin - Proteomics Core Fcaility
+43 1 40400 53750
Please conatct: proteomics@meduniwien.ac.at or +43 1 40400 53750 or +43 1 40400 53460