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Core Facility (CF)


The lab infrastructure is dedicated to two main areas: “Analysis and Evaluation” & “Prototyping”.

Analysis and Evaluation
The infrastructure provides a state-of-the-art framework for conducting, documenting and analysing requirements engineering, focus groups, workshops, usability studies, user experience (UX) studies and quality of experience (QoE) studies. The Technology Experience Lab (TX.lab) also includes a dedicated space for virtual and augmented reality evaluations.
These setups can take place either in dedicated rooms on the laboratory premises (Fixed TX.lab) or in situ using mobile lab infrastructure (Mobile TX.lab).

Moreover the TX.lab provides a broad mix of tools and state-of-the-art framework for prototyping advanced interaction designs and future concepts. It provides possibilities for prototyping a wide range of scenarios, ranging from simple low-fidelity paper mockups and clickable prototypes (aka “click dummies”) to fully functional, high-fidelity hardware and software prototypes.


DI Georg Regal

Research Services

Analysis and Evaluation, Prototyping

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

We don’t just use technology - we live with it. Much more deeply than ever before, dealing with technology involves us emotionally, intellectually, and sensually. User experience research and experience-driven development have evolved as prominent building blocks towards future innovative and successful technologies.

We investigate specific factors as distinct measures of experience quality, the creation of dedicated experiences in key technology areas/key application contexts based on enhanced foundational interaction thinking and dedicated methods and tools to support the development of high-quality technology experiences.

The TX.lab provides infrastructure for conducting state-of-the-art analyses and evaluations and also includes a range of facilities and tools for user involvement, thus allowing technology experience to be investigated both in detail and holistically.

Terms of use to be agreed on an individual basis.