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This machine is part of the pool of instruments funded by the “F&E Infrastrukturförderung” of the FFG. It is used for process development for production processes of bionanoparticles.

The pilot-scale continuous ultracentrifuge (Alfa Wassermann pKII) is combined with an automated fluid handling system (Alfa Wasserman AFH).

The pilot scale ultracentrifuge is equipped with a rotor volume of 800 mL and can reach a speed up to 40500 rpm (121200 x g). The directly connected fluid handler enables the user to fully automize the ultracentrifugation process. Several pressure sensors (Pendotech, United States), a peristaltic pump (Watson-Marlow, United Kingdom), refractometer (Maselli Misure, Italy) and scale (Mettler-Toledo, United States) are used to detect the most important parameters and to control the set process parameters. A method can be programmed with the fluid handling system. Critical process parameters can be viewed during and exported after the centrifugation.

A use in continuous and batch mode is possible.


Dr. Martin Trinker

Research Services

This device is not part of a service facility but is open for scientific collaboration.
acib offers extensive and reliable partnerships in national and international research projects, as well as the implementation of contract research.

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The instrument allows capture, concentration and primary purification of bionanoparticles directly from crude or clarified harvest material in a single step. Fully automated filling and fractionation of ultracentrifuge density gradient processes can be performed. A separation of different particle populations is possible depending on the particle densities. Even small differences in densities can already be separated by using the ultracentrifuge. Sucrose and Iodixanol gradients have been tested to separate and concentrate enveloped viruses directly after production from other product and process related impurities.

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Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib)

Dr. Martin Trinker
Director Business Development & Fundraising
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The device can be used in research collaborations. Costs depend on duration of service.
The device is used in a cooperation project with industrial partners.

This equipment has been funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency through the F&E Infrastrukturförderung.
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