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As part of the Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA), the Data Centre provides a central national archive for relevant climate data and information, ensuring access to data relevant for climate research as well as to models, research resources, model results, and literature. The data made accessible includes, for instance, observation and measurement data, scenario data, quantitative and qualitative data, as well as the measurement data and findings of research projects. The Data Centre serves also as the data interface for the CCCA Service Centre by providing:
- centralized access to relevant meta-information on how to use and evaluate the data provided
- systematic documentation of and access to the findings of Austria-related climate scenarios
- providing contact information of data authors and experts to provide detailed information on the available data.

By establishing the CCCA Data Server, the CCCA DC is inclined to promote interoperability and collaboration between different science and research communities in order to raise awareness on climate change and serve as a central point for sharing knowledge and resources.


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Research Services

Each resource uploaded to the data portal is assigned with a unique Uniform Resource Locator, a type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), as a reference to a web resource location on a computer network along with a mechanism for retrieval of this resource. The possibility of versioning and the creation of subsets in combination with citable Persistent Identifiers (PID) provides a strong tool to interact with the data on related and linked approach.

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The CCCA Data Centre is the Austrian data infrastructure for climate data and information, enabling parties involved to publish and retrieve resources with respect to existing data policies. The goal is to support interoperability and promote collaboration between different climate science and research communities in Austria, reducing data redundancy and loss of data.

Accessible datasets in the CCCA Data Centre are considered as public property and should therefore be available, regarding Open Data principles and with respect to the sharing licenses. CCCA is committed to support long-term data management to provide continuous access to this data.

The CCCA Data Center endeavours to provide free access data as far as possible, whereas exceptions are possible in case of confidential reasons.
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