Preparative chromatography system with multi-angle light scattering detector

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This machine combination is part of the “F&E Infrastrukturförderung” of the FFG. It is used for process development for production processes of bionanoparticles.
A preparative chromatography system (ÄKTA Pure 150 M, GE Healthcare) is combined with an in-line multi-angle light scattering detector (MALS DAWN HELEOS 8+, Wyatt). The devices are installed in a biosafety level 2 laboratory area.
The preparative chromatographic system is used for the separation and purification of bionanoparticles such as viruses, virus-like particles (VLPs) or exosomes out of fermentation supernatants. A flow rate of maximum 150 mL/min can be adjusted.
The system is equipped with a sample pump and fraction collector. Moreover, UV, pH and conductivity can be detected to monitor the protein and DNA/RNA impurities. Additionally, a MALS detector is implemented in-line to directly detect particle intensities.


Dr. Martin Trinker

Research Services

This device is not part of a service facility but is open for scientific collaboration.
acib offers extensive and reliable partnerships in national and international research projects, as well as the implementation of contract research.

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The ÄKTA-MALS system enables to separate and purify bionanoparticles from fermentation supernatants in principle.
Different chromatographic principles, like flowthrough-chromatography, affinity chromatography or ion exchange chromatography, have been tested by using the ÄKTA-MALS system. The use of the MALS detector was directly implemented in the Unicorn method by changing the versatile valve position. The light scattering signal is transferred into the Unicorn software and is shown in the chromatogram.

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Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib)

Dr. Martin Trinker
Director Business Development & Fundraising
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The device can be used in research collaborations. Costs depend on duration of service.
The device is used in cooperation with a company partner in the field of vaccine development.
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