Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

The Austrian Economic Chamber system represents the interests of the Austrian business community on the regional, national, and international level and provides information and advisory service to its 400.000+ members. Its global ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA network supports more than 45.000 Austrian companies in international markets and maintains more than 110 field offices worldwide. The chamber’s WIFI educational branches are Austria’s largest institution for continued learning and vocational training. In a year more than 350.000 employees and entrepreneurs take part in over 31.000 courses, seminar or other forms of training. Currently more than 9.500 students are enrolled in chamber-sponsored universities of applied sciences while over 6.500 students attend chamber-sponsored secondary education professional schools.

Business R&D

In order to innovate their products, processes, services and business models many Austrian enterprises carry out intramural R&D-activities or cooperate with national or international R&D-partners. Some of these firms, especially those able to achieve high utilization rates on their own R&D-equipment and those needing to shield their R&D-activities from competitors, maintain their own R&D-infrastructure. Many, however, rely at least in part on the R&D-infrastructure and knowhow at partner universities, research institutions or companies. Access to R&D-infrastructure and the current state of scientific and technical knowledge are crucial for innovation and a firm’s ability to quickly establish proof-of-concept, build a prototype, and field a marketable product.


Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

Innovation & Digitalisation
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