Terms of Use

The creation and publication of research infrastructure entries on the internet platform is only possible with a released user account.

The decision and responsibility for the publication of research infrastructure entries rest with the institution creating the entry. This especially includes the indemnification of the necessary rights for the publication and the use, e.g. by means of duplication and distribution of content shared on the platform.

In authorizing the publication of content, the user agrees that she/he does not store, publish and/or submit an entry violating existing Austrian law and the terms of use of this website, as well as that the publication is neither violating morality nor infringing third-party rights.

In authorizing the publication, the user grants the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research gratuitously the non-exclusive, temporally and territorially unrestricted right to use all presented content for any use with all known electronic types of use. This in particular includes the rights for reproduction and distribution, for communication to the public, for the making available to the public for broadcasting and the archiving, database and synchronisation rights.

Basically the content of a research infrastructure entry provided with a user account on the public website is released for publication following a formal check regarding basic requirements, completeness and consistency. The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research assumes no guarantee for the accuracy, integrity and quality of the content posted by users, but reserves the right for cases of conflict with the terms of use to exclude content from publication. In this case usually the user will be informed.

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is not liable for activities being performed under a user profile and for which the holder of the user profile has to assume responsibility. In particular this applies to the use of the user profile by not authorized third parties and the consequences of such a misuse.

Users of the website cannot claim that shared content is permanently available on the platform.

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research makes any effort to provide the offered services at any time and in its full entirety, but assumes no responsibility for the unrestricted usability and accessibility of the website and its offered services as well as for possible transmission delays, transmission errors, storage failures or data loss and the related restrictions of the website and offered services. It is explicitly indicated that necessary maintenance work on the website can lead to timely restricted non-availability of the website and related services. Compensation or other claims towards the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research due to restricted website availability are excluded.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Data Protection Regulation is applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. For more information see our website: https://www.bmbwf.gv.at/Ministerium/Datenschutz.html