RTI Strategy 2030 (FTI-Strategie 2030)

Research, technology and innovation (RTI) are at the center of Austria's location policy, which is designed to be competitive and innovation-oriented. In recent years, Austria has shown dynamic development as a location for innovation. In 2020, the federal government adopted the RTI Strategy 2030.

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Austrian Research Infrastructure Action Plan 2030 (Österreichischer Forschungsinfrastruktur-Aktionsplan 2030)

Based on the RTI Strategy 2030, the Austrian Research Infrastructure Action Plan 2030 was developed, which addresses the challenges for the area of basic research-driven and application-oriented research infrastructures. The action plan focuses on the expansion of national research infrastructure and participation in European and international large-scale research infrastructure (in particular the ESFRI Roadmap) by 2030. Within the framework of the action plan, the research infrastructure database is a central instrument for accompanying national large-scale research infrastructure development in Austria. The guiding principle of the action plan is the coordinated procurement and cooperative use of research infrastructure.

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