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The Archaeological-Zoological collection is an interdisciplinary institution combining aspects of zoology and prehistoric/early history livestock farming. Most studies are based on cooperations with archaeological institutions.

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Dr. Konstantina Saliari

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Expertise in determination of prehistoric and early history remains of animals

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Archaeozoology is also called Osteoarchaeology. Objects of investigations are most commonly remains of animals found during excavations, usually single parts of animal skeletons from early histories waste deposits or grave goods. Only occationally complete skeletons are available from human graves when animals were burried together with the human body. The most important method is the comparison of the remains with well known skeletons to determine the findings.

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1. Zoologische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Dr. Konstantina Saliari
1. Zoologische Abteilung
+43 1 52177-582
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