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Casts and reconstructions of early populations and hominins have always been and still are part of science and education. They are also of great importance in the popularisation of anthropological research. This collection now consists of over 2000 objects in two main areas: Casts of fossils important to hominin evolution plus associated reconstructions and a collection of casts of modern people, which were used to study ”racial characteristics”. In 1995 a cast and reconstruction collection was established at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna.

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Dr. Margit Berner

Research Services

Access for research purposes. Assistance in research projects in the fields of biological anthropology, history of anthropology, history of science and museums studies. Support for exhibition projects, research on the provenance of collections and ethical issues in dealing with sensitive collection holdings.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Research and publications on the history of anthropology and about the Department of Anthropology at the Natural History Museum. Support for research and exhibition projects, research on the provenance of the inventory as well as on ethical issues in dealing with sensitive collections.

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Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum Vienna

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