ATC-2200-UHV Sputtering System

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The AJA ATC-2200-UHV Sputtering System is capable of depositing metal and insulating films with seven 2 inches and one 4 inch magnetron sputtering sources. Each sputtering sources has integral isolation chimneys, pneumatic shutters, and individual gas injection capability via port on cluster flange. The tool is equipped with a load lock and sputtering chamber with manual sample transfer and computer-controlled deposition. Reactive sputtering with Nitrogen is also available as well. Substrate holder mounts to top of the chamber for sputter up orientation and accommodates substrates up to 4″ diameter. It has continuous motorized rotation (0-40RPM) with a controller and radiant heating to 850° C with quartz halogen lamps. Substrate lift for load-lock transfer and working distance adjustment via edge welded bellows are also possible.

Process Gases: Ar (0 – 50 sccm) and N2 (0 – 20 sccm)
RF-Magnetron: 600 Watts maximum
DC-Magnetron: 1500 Watts maximum
Available targets: Available Targets: NbTi, Ta, Al, Ti and SiO2
Load-lock pressure: 3.8 x 10-6 Torr and Process chamber pressure: 2 x 10-9 Torr

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Salvatore Bagiante

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