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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

The server infrastructure comprises 15 high-performance computers with multi-core processors (up to 3 GHz):
8 x HP ProLiant
1 x supermicro 4 U 2x4-corel
1 x supermicro 1U 2x10-core
1 x supermicro 2 U 2x10 core
1 x supermicro 1U 2x24-core
2 x HE Intel Dual CPU

Use: Storage of protein structure data, calculation of protein classifications, derivation of energy functions for protein structure analysis, identification of transcription factor binding sites, immunoinformatics, etc.
In many cases, the results obtained are also made available to the scientific community as a web service.

The PC infrastructure comprises approx. 20 desktop computers (Linux, Windows, MacOS X)
Use: software development, data analysis, etc.

Contact Person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Markus Wiederstein

Research Services

The methods developed at the CF (protein structure analysis, protein structure comparison, efficient protein structure search, immunoinformatics, etc.) are made available to the scientific community in the form of software and web services.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Storage of protein structure data
Calculation of protein classifications
Development of energy functions for protein structure analysis
Identification of transcription factor binding sites
Software development
Data analysis

In many cases, the results obtained are also provided as a web service to the scientific community.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Markus Wiederstein
Fachbereich Biowissenschaften
0043 662 8044 5794
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TopMatch-web: pairwise matching of large assemblies of protein and nucleic acid chains in 3D
Wiederstein, M., Sippl M.J.
Nucleic Acids Research

MAESTROweb: a web server for structure based protein stability prediction
Laimer J., Hiebl-Flach J., Lengauer D., Lackner P.

Structure-Based Characterization of Multiprotein Complexes
Wiederstein M., Gruber M., Frank K., Melo F., Sippl M.J.

D-Light on promoters: a client-server system for the analysis and visualization of cis-regulatory elements
Laimer J., Zuzan C.J., Ehrenberger T., Freudenberger M., Gschwandtner S., Lebherz C., Lackner P.
BMC Bioinformatics

Detection of spatial correlations in protein structures and molecular complexes
Sippl M.J., Wiederstein M.

Real space refinement of crystal structures with canonical distributions of electrons
Ginzinger S., Gruber M., Brandstetter H., Sippl M.J.

High-performance signal peptide prediction based on sequence alignment techniques
Frank K., Sippl M.J.

ProSA-web: interactive web service for the recognition of errors in three-dimensional structures of proteins
Wiederstein M., Sippl M.J.
Nucleic Acids Research

NQ-Flipper: recognition and correction of erroneous asparagine and glutamine side-chain rotamers in protein structures
Weichenberger C.X., Sippl M.J.
Nucleic Acids Research