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The CreoptixTM WAVE is a novel, highly sensitive label-free biosensor used to analyze the affinity and kinetics of molecular interactions. The CreoptixTM WAVE provides similar information to the well-known Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensors but with increased sensitivity and lower noise, a superior “no-clog” microfluidics system allowing the detection and characterization of interactions in crude samples, and the ability to measure a very broad kinetic range (ka=103 – 3x109 M-1 sec-1; kd = 10-5 – 5 sec-1). Additionally, sample consumption, although dependent on the system studied, is very low. Combined with user friendly and robust analysis software, the CreoptixTM WAVE is ideal to study many different sample types and systems including those previously inaccessible using conventional biosensors.

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Devid Drechsel

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Devid Drechsel
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