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The automated cell sorting system of Sony is used for quantitative and qualitative characterization as well as sorting of cell populations (yeast, bacteria, plant and mammalian cells) and it is easy to handle mainly due to its new chip technology. Its excellent performance results from a very restrictive sort mode for single cell sorting.

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Karin Kohlweiss BSc

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The Sony Sorter is equipped with a 488 nm, 561 nm, 638 nm und 405 nm laser. The instrument offers the possibility to sort in tubes, 8-well strips as well as in plates. Up to two different populations can be sorted at once (5 ml and 15 ml tubes). Poolsorting as well as single-cell sorting in multi-well plates (96 and 384) as well as in 384 PCR plates is supported. In addition, the instrument features index sorting. If needed, the samples as well as the sorted cells can be temperature controlled (5°/37°C). The cells or particles pass the laser in a sheath fluid (buffered saline) with high velocity. According to the shape, size and/or staining of the cell or particle, scattered light is emitted, which is then detected by filters and PMT’s. Whereas the forward scatter signal depends on size, the side
scatter signal is up to the complexity and granularity of the cell or particle. The cells or particles can also be sorted due to a fluorescent signal produced by the staining of certain properties of the cell or particle with dyes which directly bind, or with fluorescent marked antibodies. For sorting, positive or negative charges are brought up to the sheath fluid, simultaneously the fluid is broken into droplets by ultrasonic vibration of the nozzle chip. The deflection plates deflect these droplets to the desired collecting vessel.

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