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With more than 4,500.000 objects, the collection “Cenozoic Invertebrates“ is the largest collection of the Geological-Paleontological Department. The collection contains two separate parts consisting of the systematic collection of fossil invertebrtaes of the Cenozoic Era. An especially important part of this part of the collection comprises hundred of thousands of Tertiary mollusks, including numerous type specimens. Other important parts contain Tertiary bryozoans and decapods. The second huge complex of the collection comprises the stratigraphic collection, which reflects stratigraphicy and regional geology.

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Oleg Mandic

Research Services

Repository for geological and paleontological types.
Reference specimens for research.
Fossil identification upon request.
Biostratigraphic analysis upon request.
High resolution photographs upon request.
Production of casts and replicas upon request.

Discovery V20 Stereomikroscope
JCM-5000 NeoScope SEM
Yxlon FF35 CT

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The staff of the Geological-Paleontological Department has taxonomic expertise for identification and scientific description of fossil organisms. A focus is the paleobiogeographic and paleoecological interpretation and the dating of deposits based on their fossils (biostratigraphy).
In addition, the staff members of the Geological-Paleontological Department provide sound knowledge in collection and data management.

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Geological-Paleontological Collection

Oleg Mandic
Geologisch-Paläontologische Abteilung
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Access to the collections upon request.