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The Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) technology offers the possibility of 3D printing complex geometries using alumina, ß-tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatite, zirconia, or silica-based materials. Our Lithoz CeraFab 7500 printer has a nominal building envelope of 76 x 43 x 150 mm, and the layer thickness can be set between 25 and 100 µm, allowing a printing speed of 2.5 – 10 mm/h. The minimal printable feature size (e.g. hole or pin diameter, wall thickness, etc.) is approximately 0.5 mm. After printing, we clean the printed objects of residual material. The cleaning is followed by a multi phase thermal post processing in our Nabertherm furnaces. For accurate dimensions, the shrinkage during thermal post processing and inaccuracies during printing can be compensated with the dedicated printer software.

Contact Person

Filip Jelínek MEng PhD

Research Services

We offer the complete process of expert consulting, 3D-printing with various ceramic materials, cleaning, and thermal post processing as a service to our customers and research partners.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

3D design, printing and thermal post processing

Filip Jelínek MEng PhD
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Laszlo Jaksa MSc
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Maria Bordeus MSc
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