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The Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH) was founded to systematically expand the science of complex systems in Vienna and to develop the foundations for a more meaningful use of Big Data. The work is based on large data sets ("Big Data") from which completely new insights into the properties of complex systems can be gained. The CSH aims to establish the science of complex systems in Austria and Central Europe, to acquire knowledge from Big Data sets and to develop tools for the management of complex systems.

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Mag. Philipp Marxgut

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The science of complex systems combines mathematical and physical principles with concepts borrowed from biology and the social sciences. It is dedicated to topics such as robustness / resilience / efficiency, innovation systems, urban development, transport, financial markets, supply chain management, medicine, network theory, sustainability, agent-based simulation of complex systems, quantitative social sciences, e-governance (public participation) and the study of systemic risk in general.

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At the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, researchers try to understand the properties of complex systems based on its building blocks and on the interactions between those building blocks that take place on networks. Complexity science combines mathematical and physical principles with concepts from biology and the social sciences; it uses new computational techniques and, with the advent of comprehensive large-scale data sets, is becoming experimentally testable.

Mag. Philipp Marxgut
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