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Short Description

The Core Facility Food & Bio Processing (CF FBP) offers research and development services as well as trainings in the areas of food and biotechnology. Typical projects include process design, pilot-scale sample production, process and prototype development as well as associated chemical, physical, and microbiological analyses.

Contact Person

Dr. Felix Schottroff, Prof. Dr. Henry Jäger

Research Services

A large number of pilot-scale unit operations are available at the pilot plant of the CF FBP for specifically focussing on life science-related applications. These are made available to external users together with experienced specialized staff. The service portfolio is listed below. Processes are available with batch sizes in the range of 1-100 L or throughput levels in the range of 1-100 L / h for continuous processes. Both, individual pieces of equipment as well as entire process chains can be booked. For details on specific processes and analytical possibilities, feel free to contact us (

Processing of raw materials
• Peeling
• Grinding
• Cell disruption

Formulation technologies
• Mixing (liquids and solids)
• Emulsification, homogenization, dispergation
• Coating
• Extrusion
• Concentration and evaporation
• Drying (freeze drying, drum drying, spray drying, fluidized bed drying, circulative air drying)

Product purification / downstream processing
• Filtration (depth filter)
• Solid-liquid separation (plate separator, decanter, presses)
• Extraction (CO2 extraction system, solvent extraction)

Preservation and inactivation of microorganisms
• Thermal processes (plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, direct steam injection, rotary autoclave, ohmic heating)
• New technologies (pulsed electric fields, high hydrostatic pressure, cold plasma, pulsed light)

Filling and packaging
• Packaging machine (vacuum, protective gas)
• Bottling
• Canning

Food-specific process chains
• Bakery technology (fully equipped baking laboratory with kneader, fermentation chamber, dough processing, various ovens, etc.)
• Cooking processes for plant and animal foods (combi steamers, ohmic heating)
• Fruit juice technology
• Brewery technology and distillation

• Physical product properties: water activity and content, color measurements (L-a-b system), viscosity, density, texture, surface tension, particle size measurement (sieve analysis and laser diffraction particle analyzer), product structure (microscopy) and degree of cell disruption (impedance measurement)
• Chemical analysis: macro and micronutrients, including changes induced by processing and storage
• Flour and grain analyses: flour quality (Farinograph), dough quality (Extensograph), gluten quality and quantity (Glutomatic), starch gelatinization (Amylograph, RVA Rapid Visco Analyzer)
• Microbiology: culture-based methods, total bacterial count, species detection using selective media and MALDI-TOF, inactivation kinetics

Trainings and workshops
Regular trainings on the listed subject areas are offered, special workshops on specific products or processes available on request.
• Product development, formulation, ingredients
• Texturing and structural modification
• Thermal and non-thermal preservation
• Drying technologies
• Fruit and vegetable processing
• Grain processing and bakery technology
• Brewery technology and distillation

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The Core Facility Food & Bio Processing (CF FBP) offers services related to processing of food and biological materials on a pilot plant scale. All relevant unit operations for life science applications are covered. The associated product analyses (physical and chemical quality parameters) and microbiology (culture-based methods, MALDI-TOF) are also offered. The CF FBP has qualified specialized staff with regard to both the technical implementation of your project and the respective analyses. In addition to the implementation of research projects and product sample production, we also offer training and consulting on various processes, process chains and products.

Dr. Felix Schottroff, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henry Jäger
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Dr. Felix Schottroff, Prof. Dr. Henry Jäger
Core Facility Food & Bio Processing
(+43) 1 / 47654-75249
The pilot plant is available for interested companies to run pilot scale food processing trials as well as for training courses. Support from CF FBP staff is given at all times.
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