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The CyTOF technology (Cytometry by Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry) detects more than 50 metal-tagged reagents (antibodies, nucleic acid intercalators and analogues as well as other biochemical ligands). This can be done on millions of individual cells simultaneously to reveal new cell types, functions and biomarkers in immunology, cancer, stem cells and more. Targets can be anywhere in the cell, including the surface, cytoplasm, nucleus, or internal organelles.

The Helios mass cytometer uses inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry technology while sample preparation, sample introduction, and data output are performed in a manner similar to flow cytometry.

The Hyperion Imaging System characterizes the complex and diverse tissue microenvironment with single cell resolution. It gives a deeper understanding of the spatial relationships between a wide variety of cell types and the role of different cell phenotypes.

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Andreas Spittler

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Technically trained personnel from the Core Facilities of the Medical University of Vienna operate the system.

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Andreas Spittler
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Operator based, please contact Facilities Flow Cytometry or Proteomics.