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Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) measures the fluctuation of light scattered by a sample, which can be used to calculate the diffusion coefficient of the sample. The diffusion coefficient can be used to estimate the particle radius, and to detect different species, such as monomers and aggregates, present in the sample. DLS can be used to detect aggregation and to measure changes in the size or distribution of sizes in the sample under different conditions, for example, protein stability in different buffers or protein unfolding during a thermal melt experiment. The Dynapro Plate Reader II can be used for high-throughput measurement of DLS using 384-well or 1536-well plates.


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Devid Drechsel

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Please refer to: https://www.viennabiocenter.org/vbcf/protein-technologies/

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Please refer to: https://www.viennabiocenter.org/vbcf/protein-technologies/

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Devid Drechsel
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