EODC Petabyte Disk Storage

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Short Description

This 2 Petabyte disk serves as an extension of the storage component of the core facility "EODC Earth Observation Data Centre". It serves to cope with the steady increase of the satellite data hosted by the EODC and to provide storage for large-scale data analysis.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner

Research Services

2 Petabyte disk space with high-performant connection to the VSC-3 and the EODC cloud platform

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The EODC infrastructure allows for the possibility to remotely access one’s workspace from anywhere and at the same time directly access all available data without the need to download them to a processing system. For an overview of the functions of the infrastructure see the core facility "EODC Earth Observation Data Centre".

Allocation to Core Facility

EODC Earth Observation Data Centre

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner
Department für Geodäsie und Geoinformation
The infrastructure is open to all scientific users under the same transparent and non-discriminatory conditions. Access to the infrastructure is provided by the EODC through various services (e.g. time-limited cloud platform accounts) or by becoming one of the partners of the EODC cooperation network (https://www.eodc.eu/cooperation-network/). Individual researchers and developers may request free time-limited accounts for testing and specific research projects (approval necessary).
EODC Earth Observation Data Centre (https://www.eodc.eu/)