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Forensic biomechanics includes equipment for motion analysis, force and velocity determination. The mobile multi-component force plate type 9286B from Kistler Instrumente AG company can be used on any surface. The piezoelectric 3-component force sensors have low values and are specially designed for use in pulse, gait and equilibrium analysis. The measuring range is between 0 - 10 kN. With BioWare® software from Kistler, applicable forces can be analyzed and calculated accordingly. The ground reaction force is recorded up to a maximum value of 12kN.

Motion recording and evaluation is performed using the Olympus® i-Speed 3 high-speed digital camera, standard with a Nikon 50mm f / 1.8 D Nikkor AF lens. Resolution is 1280 x 1024 at 2000 fps, with a maximum capture rate of 150,000 fps.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Fabio Monticelli

Research Services

Biomechanical and ballistic measurements and display of motion sequences with the help of the high-speed camera on site

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Forensic biomechanics maintains a stationary test laboratory and a mobile measuring unit to analyze individual topics on site. At the center of research are external features of motion in physical bodies. The dynamics of their interaction with each other and with their environment play a key role here. In particular, research in this field should provide evidence useful to the courts to interpret injury potential of different variants of blunt and sharp force.

Prof. Dr. Fabio Monticelli
Interfakultärer Fachbereich für Gerichtsmedizin und Forensiche Neurospychiatrie
0043 662 8044 3808
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PD. Dr. Jiri Adamec, Department of Biomechanics, Institute of Legal Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
Physikalisch-biomechanische Evaluierung individueller Krafttoleranzen einzelner Schädelknochen und deren Einflussvariablen
S.N. Kunz, J. Adamec
internes Projekt

Evaluierung von Mechanik und Beißkraft verschiedener Hunderassen
S.N. Kunz, J. Adamec
internes Projekt

Einsatz einer Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera zur Validierung bestehender Rechenmodelle der forensischen Bluspurenmuster-Verteilungsanalyse
S.N. Kunz, J. Adamec
internes Projekt
Biomechanische Aspekte eines 0.5l Tonkrugschlages gegen den Schädel.
in press
Kunz SN, Tutsch-Bauer E, Graw M, Adamec J.

Spezifische Biomechanik eines Steinkrugschlages gegen den Schädel
Kunz SN, Lochner S, Bedacht M, Adamec J
Kriminalistik 2: 87-93

Zur Möglichkeit der Eingrenzung der Größe und Oberflächenstruktur eines Tatwerkzeuges anhand von Bluttropfspuren
Kunz SN, Grove Ch, Adamec J.
Kriminalistik 12: 728-733

Die forensische Analyse von Schlagspritzspuren unter ballistischen Gesichtspunkten
Kunz SN, Grove C, Adamec J.
Rechtsmedizin 25: 548-555