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Judicial and police services, research in forensic morphology
Determination of Cause of death
Determining the time of death using morphometric data and protein degradation patterns
(Microscope Olympus BX51, camera, DP 25 Cell B software, discussion device, microscope Olympus BX53, cold storage, hydraulic mortuary lift truck, climate chamber, surgical microscope, thermometer, humidity meter, data logger)

Research in traffic medicine
Measurements relevant to traffic medicine by means of infrared pupillography
to detect central nervous disorders caused by drugs and / or medication and to detect fatigue
(Infrared pupillograph)

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Fabio Monticelli

Research Services

Protein detection in muscle tissue for the determination of time of death
Examination of the pupillary light reflex for the evaluation of central nervous influence

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Infrared pupillography
Investigations of the pupillary light reflex
Microscopy and histology
Body temperature measurements and recording by means of data logger

Prof. Dr. Fabio Monticelli
Interfakultärere Fachbereich für Gerichtsmedizin und Forensische Neuropsychiatrie
0043 662 8044 3808
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Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, Zoological Structural Research, University of Salzburg
Forensic Anthropological Center University of Tennessee
Medical Care Center Trier, Dr. med. Kemmerling
Institute of Human Genetics, University of Graz
Christian Doppler Clinic Salzburg
Post mortem muscle protein degradation in humans as a tool for PMI delimitation
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