High-Speed Aromic Force Microscope

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

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Short Description

High-speed atomic force microscopy enables the label-free visualization of individual biological molecules (proteins, membranes, DNA, RNA, etc.), their interactions and dynamics, as well as conformational changes in their natural context, i. in aqueous environment and at physiological temperatures, with sub-molecular spatial and 100 ms time resolution.

Contact Person

Johannes Preiner

Research Services

»Analysis of molecular interactions and physical surface properties
Chemical rates constants and affinities, stoichiometry, multivalency, interaction forces and energies
»Label-free real-time visualization of biomolecules, interactions and conformational changes, cellular interaction studies (drug characterization)
»Combination of results and modeling, mathematical modeling and simulation

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Various applications in the field of dynamics and interactions of soluble proteins and membrane proteins, antibody-antigen interactions, complement activation, exosomes, viruses, etc.

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