instrument for determining wear at the nanometre scale

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high-resolution method for continuous monitoring of wear rate in components of lubricated mechanical systems under real and laboratory conditions.

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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Martin Jech

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realisation of R&D-services in the laboratory or in field applications with high relevance for industry in the framework of customer orders or long-term cooperation in (inter-)national research projects

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prior to wear measurement, the relevant components are partially activated with radioactive tracer isotopes; the wear particles produced in the friction zone during operation are transported through the integrated lubricant circuit to a gamma radiation detector; the activity of the tracer-isotopes in the wear particles which is measured by the detector can be directly converted into wear measurements at any point during operation; with this method even the lowest wear rates in the range of nm/h can be measured, a condition monitoring of the functionality of stressed system components is achieved, a service life prediction of critical components is derived, the wear resistance of materials and coatings is assessed and the wear protection effect of lubricants is evaluated.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Martin Jech
Verschleißbestimmung im Nanometerbereich
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