ITC-Press (Interlaken ServoPress 225 (SP225))

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

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Large equipment

Short Description

The state-of-the-art forming equipment available at LKR includes a double acting hydraulic press for material characterization, forming tests and component testing of ductile metal sheets.

Contact Person

Dr. mont. Carina Schlögl

Research Services

• Swift test (cupping test)
• Bulge test (determination of flow curves)
• Nakajima tests (forming limit curves)
• 3-point bending test
• Axial crushing

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

• Infrastructure for R&D projects

Technical data
Manufacturer: Interlaken
• Table: max. force: 1000 kN
• Table: max. speed: 112 mm/s
• Stamping: max. force: 1000 kN
• Stamping: max. speed : 112 mm/s

Allocation to Core Facility

Forming Technology Laboratory

Dr. mont. Carina Schlögl
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6941
The use is to be agreed in each case.