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Short Description

The database contains tombstones inscriptions and photographic documentation of the jewish cemetery in Hohenems. Additional art history descriptions are available for some tombstones.

Contact Person

Raphael Einetter, MA

Research Services

In addition to the analysis of the tombstones, the cemetery database provides a connection to the genealogical database and shows the profil of the buried person.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The cemetery database provides an overview of the grave stones obtained. It also links these with the personal profiles in the genealogy database.

Archivar im Jüdischen Museums Hohenems und Aktuar des Vereins zur Erhaltung des Jüdischen Friedhofs Hohenems
Raphael Einetter, MA
Archiv und Sammlungen / Vereinsaktuar

Archiv des Jüdischen Museums Hohenems
Dr. Anika Reichwald
Archiv und Sammlungen

Direktor des Jüdischen Museums Hohenems
Dr. Hanno Loewy
The database is available on the internet.