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The laboratory for gait and movement analysis carries out studies in the field of orthopaedics, clinical movement analysis In addition to the daily clinical routine, motion analyses are recorded using a three-dimensional motion analysis system. This recording can be supplemented with the recording of ground reaction forces and muscle activity. The main focus is on the analyses carried out while walking, but complex upper body movements can also be analysed.

Contact Person

Dr. Andreas Kranzl

Research Services

Kinematic, kinetic and electromyographic analyses during walking, running and everyday movements can be analysed.
The laboratory for gait and movement analysis exists since 1995. Here you can find information about the equipment: 3 dimensional optoelectronic motion analysis system with 17 cameras (VICON) as well as a 10 camera system, 3 force plates (AMTI) analog video cameras, 2 digital video cameras with software TEMPLO, treadmill (HP Cosmos) with integrated pressure distribution system, 32 channel EMG device (Noraxon) with electrogoniometer, accelerometer (single and triaxial) video editing system, light beam system, pressure distribution measuring platform + insole system + software (EMED, Novel), FUSION (clinical database). Walking on the stairs and Rame can also be recorded.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Measurement of movement by means of an optoelectronic measuring system with passive markers, measurement of ground reaction forces and muscle activities, use of an initial sensor system for movement detection.

Dr. Andreas Kranzl leitet das Labor für Gang- und Bewegungsanalyse am orthopädischen Spital Speising. Er besitzt eine langjährige Erfahrung im Bereich der Bewegungsanalyse, im speziellen im Bereich der klinischen Bewegungsanalyse. Er ist Mitglied in nationalen und internationalen Fachgesellschaften, teilweise auch im Vorstand der Gesellschaften.
Dr. Andreas Kranzl
Labor für Gang- und Bewegungsanalyse
In motion analysis projects we are happy to work with you, depending on the project, the way in which the conditions of use are determined. The laboratory can also be rented for projects.