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The libraries of the Natural History Museum Vienna are based on the 18th century Habsburg collections and currently comprise around 500,000 items, of which roughly 50,000 pre-date the year 1900. The works are kept in centralized specialist libraries and in decentralized reference libraries within the museum collections.

Contact Person

Mag. Eva Zimmermann, MA

Research Services

Researchers, students and guests are supported with scientific research, literature search and digitization requests. Furthermore, and with the help of appropriate information material, the basics of general library use are taught to school students. As part of the preparation of pre-scientific papers, library pedagogical support can take place.
Expert reports on various valuable books are created for both internal and external book lovers and collectors.
From monographs and journals that are in the library's holdings, reproductions can be ordered via interlibrary loan, taking into account the applicable copyright law. Requests have to be made in written form.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The libraries of the Natural History Museum Vienna are a valuable and essential source of information, both for the specialists working at the Natural History Museum Vienna as well as for experts from other institutions, students, and members of the public. Within the collections there are specific areas of focus reflecting the research fields of the individual departments at the Natural History Museum Vienna: anthropology, botany, geology and paleontology, mineralogy and petrology, prehistory, speleology, and zoology. The catalogue of monographs and journals is available online (
Inquiries concerning research and interlibrary loan as well as reproduction requests will be accepted in written form and will be accomplished with the best possible assistance.
The Natural History Museum Vienna exchanges publications with more than 1,000 scientific institutions around the world. This means that publications made by the Natural History Museum Vienna are sent to these institutions and in return they send their own publications to the Natural History Museum Vienna.


Mag. Eva Zimmermann, MA
Abteilung Bibliotheken
+43 1 52177-213
In compliance with general terms of usage the libraries of the Natural History Museum Vienna are open to experts, students and the interested public for scientific use. A registration in advance - either written or by phone - is necessary. It is mandatory to fill out a request for use including a legally binding declaration.
The opening times are regulated differently in the individual specialist libraries. Please contact the library staff for information about opening times and the location of the libraries within the Natural History Museum Vienna.
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