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analytical instrument for the chemical analysis of the physical separation of complex liquid samples extended for non-polar substance classes (oils, fats) as well as molecules without chromophore groups; available detectors: diode array detector (DAD), charged aerosol detector (CAD), LTQ Orbitrap XL

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Josef Brenner

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realisation of R&D services in the framework of customer orders or long-term cooperation in (inter-)national research projects

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advanced analytics of complex mixtures (lubricants, oils, greases, tar, residues, polymers, environmental samples); quantification of components or component groups; fractionation and accumulation of trace components; UHPLC and NPLC: separation of analyte according to polarity, hydrophilia or size, and detection with a UV/Vis detector and mass-sensitive universal (charged) aerosol detector (corona); coupling with high-resolution mass-spectrometer LTQ Orbitrap is possible; fractionating autosampler allows 2D-LC through injection of fractions onto other columns or analysis by other HPLC methods (reversed phase or normal phase); method scouting valves allow automated switching of columns mobile phase; online SPE for automated accumulation of analyte or matrix elimination with UV-DAD and universal corona detector

Josef Brenner
Advanced Chemical Analysis
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