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The timsTOF Pro (Bruker) is a time-of -flight instrument coupled to a dual Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS) analyser. Here, ions are separated in the gas phase based on their ion mobility which adds a 3rd dimension of separation in addition to retention time and m/z. The design of the dual TIMS device allows for ions to be accumulated in the first part of the analyser, while they are sequentially released dependent on their ion mobility from the second section (PASEF; Parallel Accumulation and Serial Fragmentation). Thereby a duty cycle of nearly 100% is achieved resulting in nearly no ion loss. The design of the instrument offers a high sequencing speed (up to 100Hz) by synchronizing the quadrupole isolation mass window with the elution time of the specific peptide packages from the TIMS funnel. This design allows to reach new depths in shotgun proteomics and phosphoproteomics, using low sample amounts.
MS instruments used for shotgun proteomics require cleaning when run 24 hours a day on large sample numbers, and performance degradation can be noticeable over short time periods. The superior robustness of the timsTOF Pro allows the instrument to be run 24/7 over many days or weeks without noticeable loss of sensitivity or other performance metrics.

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